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BestCities Case Studies; Inspiring Case Studies on the Impact of International Congresses

Delve into our collection of case studies showcasing the positive impact of international congresses on destinations and associations.

These studies highlight the transformative power of business events, emphasizing collaboration, community impact, and the educational value they bring. Discover how events drive change and bring missions to life.

World Down Syndrome Congress Case Study

A BestCities Global Alliance Case Study: The World Down Syndrome Congress

The World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC), hosted in various BestCities destinations, has been a beacon of hope and progress for individuals with Down syndrome. By bringing together families, professionals, and self-advocates, the Congress has fostered a global community dedicated to inclusion and advocacy.

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A BestCities Global Alliance Case Study: World Parkinson Coalition

The World Parkinson Coalition is a pioneering force in the global fight against Parkinson’s disease. By hosting inclusive triennial congresses, WPC unites patients, scientists, clinicians, and advocates to exchange knowledge and inspire new research directions. These congresses serve as a platform for collaboration and innovation, driving progress in understanding and treating Parkinson’s disease.

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BestCities GA Case Study - 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems

A BestCities Global Alliance Case Study: The 23rd World Congress On Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Melbourne 2016

The 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems in Melbourne, 2016, showcased ITS Australia’s expertise and fostered government and community engagement in intelligent transportation. Prioritizing diversity and strategic networking, it achieved significant industry growth, policy influence, and youth engagement. This event exemplifies the lasting benefits of hosting international congresses for industry and community advancement.

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Incredible Impacts In Action: A Sustainable Legacy From The Ecocity Movement

With only one week to go until the 1 June application deadline for Incredible Impacts 2021 first round nominations, we connected with previous winner, Jennie Moore, Director, Institute Sustainability at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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Copenhagen Legacy Lab: Making Meetings Meaningful

Copenhagen advances the conference legacy movement with hiring of Annika Rømer, senior manager of Copenhagen Legacy Lab

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Legacy Lights the Path for 2021 Global Conferences in Madrid

BestCities Global Forum returns to a live format in Madrid, Spain (December 2-5), along with several international congresses – including World Blindness Summit, European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) and Sociedad Española de Prótesis Estomatológical y Estética (SEPES) – whose varying interests are united by a common goal: establishing legacy, or leaving a long-lasting impact on the host destination and the general public.

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Incredible Impacts Programme 2018: World Down Syndrome Congress

The Incredible Impacts Programme celebrates the “beyond tourism” value of international association meetings to create a powerful platform to advocate their positive societal impact. A panel of independent judges from the association world each years determines which meetings have proven impact to award three grants of USD 7,500 on behalf of BestCities Global Alliance and ICCA. In 2018, Down Syndrome […]

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MICE Tourism Award - Incredible Impacts BestCities

2018 Incredible Impacts Grant Programme: Our Winners

What does it take to win a leading MICE tourism award? We break down our 2018 Incredible Impact winners – looking at the legacy they were able to leave their cities, and what made them stand out.

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