A BestCities Global Alliance Case Study: The World Down Syndrome Congress

The World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC), hosted in various BestCities destinations, has been a beacon of hope and progress for individuals with Down syndrome. By bringing together families, professionals, and self-advocates, the Congress has fostered a global community dedicated to inclusion and advocacy.

World Down Syndrome Congress Case Study

Advancing Inclusion and Advocacy

Each congress, organized by Down Syndrome International, has been a platform for empowering self-advocacy and promoting human rights. Initiatives like the “Listen Include Respect” guidelines have set international standards for inclusivity, ensuring that individuals with Down syndrome have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Creating Lasting Legacies

From Singapore (2004) to Vancouver (2006) and from Dublin (2009) to Cape Town (2012), and Dubai (2021 – online), the WDSC has left a profound legacy in each host city. The congresses have sparked conversations, built networks, and inspired local communities to embrace inclusion and support the rights of people with Down syndrome.

People come to the conference looking for information, looking for ideas, looking for ways to build on their knowledge and have things to take back with them to use. And there’s lots of different speakers, lots of different workshops and events that take place that give people these tools.

Andrew Boys, Executive Director, Down Syndrome International

Shaping the Future

The WDSC continues to push boundaries and set new goals. With each congress, we move closer to a world where people with Down syndrome are fully included and valued as equal members of society. The case study highlights the congress’s journey, its impact, and the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive future.

A Call to Action

Join us in celebrating the World Down Syndrome Congress’s achievements and continuing the work towards a more inclusive world.

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