A BestCities Global Alliance Case Study: Global DIY Summit

The Global DIY Summit stands out as a premier networking event, connecting leaders in the DIY, Home Improvement, and Garden Centre markets. Organized by the European DIY-Retail Association (EDRA), the Home Improvement Manufacturers Association (HIMA), and the Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN), this summit draws over 1,000 delegates from more than 55 countries. Despite not being the largest in its sector, its influence and quality make it a pivotal event for industry stakeholders.

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Innovative Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

The introduction of the DIY Legacy Project during the pandemic marked a transformative phase for the Global DIY Summit. With the Copenhagen Convention Bureau’s support, the summit embraced a new purpose-driven model to promote sustainability and responsibility. This initiative aims to pivot the DIY industry toward sustainable practices and has become a core element of the summit’s strategy.

Goals Driving Change

The DIY Legacy Project’s mission is clear: “To accelerate the creation of a sustainable future together.” This project seeks to promote sustainability across the DIY, home improvement, and garden centre industry, inspire a unified vision for the future, and encourage the adoption of sustainable standards. By sharing trends and best practices, the summit aims to build an inclusive, accessible, and safe industry for all.

If you don’t have a purpose, a reason to exist, a reason that you can give to your organization, then something is missing.

Iñaki Maillard, General Manager of the Global DIY-Summit

Launching Legacies at the Summit

Officially launched in Copenhagen at the 8th Global DIY Summit, the DIY Legacy Project included multiple engagement initiatives. These ranged from a Sustainability Showcase to a “Sustainability Wish Tree” where delegates could share their targets. The initiative also featured dedicated sessions on sustainability and tours of local sustainable businesses, which provided practical insights and inspiration.

Legacy Outcomes and Future Aspirations

The sustainability tours and the insights gained from various summits have significantly influenced the industry, providing inspiration and establishing new business connections. The annual Sustainability Trend Reports continue to track industry innovations, highlighting the growing importance of sustainability in business strategies.

Challenges and Recommendations for Sustainable Event Planning

The DIY Legacy Project faces challenges typical of global initiatives, such as regional differences in sustainability adoption and the complexity of implementing these practices. However, the project’s ongoing commitment to fostering change through engagement, education, and empowerment remains unwavering. Iñaki Maillard, General Manager of the Global DIY Summit, advises organizations to start with small steps, be mindful of cultural differences, and maintain resilience in the face of obstacles.

Join the Movement Towards a Sustainable Future

Discover how the Global DIY Summit is paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive industry. Download the full case study and watch the video to learn more about the DIY Legacy Project’s strategies, outcomes, and the summit’s role in shaping the future of global home improvement.

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