Request for Proposals: Client Brand Perception Survey 2019

BestCities Global Alliance is seeking research expertise to conduct a study to understand the perceptions of the Alliance across our client base.

The study will test brand awareness of the Alliance, including our purpose, benefits and proof points. The aim is to provide a measurement of current awareness that will help the Alliance in further developing our brand strategy.

Scope of Work

  • Formulation of survey questions:
    • Unprompted awareness of BestCities
    • Prompted awareness of BestCities
    • Awareness of other alliances in the marketplace
    • Awareness of the purpose, benefits and key initiatives of the Alliance
    • Comparison of desired brand perception to actual perception
  • Administration of survey to BestCities database (approximately 1,500 organisations and 3,500 contacts), as well as other client contacts proposed by the consultant
  • Produce report of findings and conclusions

Proposals are due on 16 August 2019

To download a copy of the Request for Proposals please click here