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Join our Strategic Thinker, Bettina Borisch, for this free online round-table to understand how we can be better prepared for the next inevitable outbreak.

PANPREV- Are we ready for the next outbreak?

2 September 2020, 15:00 CET

The COVID19 crisis has initiated a wake-up call to an uncertain, changing future.

In order to be prepared for the next inevitable outbreak, we need to understand the complexity and interconnectivity between Global Health, Environmental Science, World Economics, Politics, Technology, Lifestyle, Production Chains, Logistics, etc.

Join this free online round-table, the first in a series of steps to start making a change!

This event will include:

  • Live Discussions and Debates
  • Q & A with the Audience
  • Polls and real-time results
  • and more…

Learning outcomes:

  • Where did we fail to prevent COVID19, even though there were very clear warnings and forecasts?
  • Was it necessary to shut down the entire economy? Is the collateral damage justified?
  • Will there be a second wave of COVID19 and if yes, are we prepared?
  • When can we expect a vaccine against COVID19? Where do we stand with the research?
  • Will new social behavior prevent a future pandemic – or minimize a possible outbreak?
  • Will we expect a baby boom next year? Or a higher divorce rate? Or both?
  • What are insurance companies planning for the future?


  • Bettina Borisch, Professor, Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva; Executive Director, World Federation of Public Health Associations, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ali Mobasheri, Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology, State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine, Vilnius, Lithuania; University of Oulu, Finland; University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist, Allianz SE, Munich, Germany and Paris, France
  • Cobi Reisman, Urologist and sexologist, Md, PhD, FECSM, Flare-Health, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Join this free online round-table: