BestCities Launch Inspiring Young Leaders Programme

The Global Alliance will award grants to be used to encourage youth involvement with

BestCities Global Alliance has today launched the Inspiring Young Leaders programme, and has recognised two associations who have committed to actively encouraging youth engagement ahead of their upcoming congresses. The first two organisations to be awarded the Inspiring Young Leaders grant of $1000 are the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) and the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME).

ISUOG plan to use their grant to fund its ‘Young Investigators’ event at their 29th annual congress in Berlin in October 2019. This event brings together promising junior researchers and leading senior research leader in similar fields, allowing them to connect and engage. ISME will use their grant to fund the attendance of African students to ISME’s 18th international symposium, taking place in Cape Town in 2020.

The programme is designed to reflect BestCities core purpose and principles of promoting positive impact and lasting legacy – focusing on ensuring international associations can enhance their relevance with today’s young people, as well as allowing them to support and inspire the industry leaders of the future.

Jane Cunningham, BestCities Global Alliance, said:  “We are delighted to award our first inspiring young leaders grants to these two progressive organisations.  Knowing these grants will engage with young people in Berlin later this year and Cape Town in 2020 will have a great impact on future association members in these communities.

“There are many inspiring young people and we are keen to support associations as they strive to promote the life long learning that the global association community can provide by getting them engaged early and valuing their contribution to the outcomes of the association.  Youth engagement will help protect and strengthen the long-term legacy of association and the global impact they have on society.”

Sarash De Wilde, ISME, said: “As a non-profit in the field of ecology we often struggle to get young researchers from developing regions to our conferences and connecting with their international peers – which is a truly priceless opportunity for evolving future careers.

“This award will help us connect students from developing regions and allow them to attend in our upcoming conference in Cape Town, South Africa. I speak on behalf of those who will now get to attend when I express my gratitude for the priceless experience we’ll be able to offer young researchers in the field.”

Sarah Johnson, ISUOG, said: “We prioritise the engagement of young people in our membership community, aiming to accompany them on their professional journey and to identify those who will lead the next generation of research and education in our field.

“We’re so pleased to be supported by the BestCities’ Inspiring Young Leaders grant to continue this work at our forthcoming World Congress in Berlin, allowing our most promising new researchers to build their professional network and learn more about our industry.”