BestCities Issues Statement Regarding Ukraine

BestCities is horrified, saddened and enraged by the atrocities that are being committed in
Ukraine. Our hearts are with the millions of innocent people who have been driven from their homes and have lost family and friends in this senseless war.

Flag of Ukraine

We stand united with the Ukrainian people who have demonstrated incredible bravery and
patriotism as they defend their home. We condemn the unprovoked military attacks against
them, and urge a swift and peaceful resolution.

It’s no secret that the meetings industry has faced tough challenges over the past two years with the world shuttered to travel and major events. Today, as countries around the world show their support for Ukraine with humanitarian aide, supplies and weapons, as well as economic sanctions against their invaders, the future of our industry remains as uncertain as ever.

However, our first priority isn’t predicting how this historic world event will impact the meetings
business – it’s joining the call to end this senseless war, and supporting humanitarian efforts
wherever possible.

At this moment in time, we stand with Ukraine.