What’s Happening This February?

2022 has opened up new opportunities for everyone in the industry. With all the challenges we’ve faced in the past couple of years, everyone is more inspired than ever to continue innovating and delivering amazing events and initiatives this year.

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Jane Cunningham reflects on 12 years with BestCities

Jane Cunningham Reflects on 12 Years with BestCities Global Alliance

For more than a decade, Jane Cunningham has served as director of community engagement for BestCities Global Alliance, a key role that focuses on connecting communities and creating open and trusted environments for exchange. The industry powerhouse – who is also a certified virtual facilitator – is passionate about the positive impact meetings can have on organizations and participants, and the lasting legacy they can leave in host communities.

We sat down with Jane to reminisce about her memorable moments at BestCities.

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2021 Awards Round-Up - BestCities

2021 Awards: Celebrating Amazing Achievements in the Community

BestCities has always pushed the boundaries in order to pursue our commitment to excellence. This entire year has been proof of that as we continue to reach milestones and see great achievements considering the challenges that we collectively had to face.

To close the year in high spirits, let’s honor the awardees from the Incredible Impact Awards and recognize the impact that these winners have made in their community and beyond. Let’s also celebrate the awards granted to our partner cities for the amazing feats they accomplished.

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What’s Happening This December?

It’s the final month of the year and we’re all set to end 2021 with a bang! The year has been challenging for the entire meeting and events industry but things took an inspiring turn as cities started getting back on their feet, little by little.

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BestCities - What's Happening November 2021

What’s Happening This November?

We’re almost on the final stretch of the year and it’s promising to be a strong end after a long season of uncertainties in the industry.

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Our Tips for Making the Most of IMEX America

Networking is one of many reasons to attend IMEX, though this year’s educational programme also packs a punch. Here are Jane’s top tips for seizing the day and getting the most out of your first in-person IMEX post-pandemic.

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BestCities - What's Happening - October

What’s Happening This October?

Jumpstarting the final quarter are some amazing BestCities initiatives, key business events, and exciting events in our partner cities.

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What’s Happening This September?

Find out what’s happening at BestCities Global Alliance and its partner cities this September. Read our latest round-up here.

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