Join the BestCities Community at IMEX Frankfurt 2020

Join us in Frankfurt from 12 – 14 May!

We would be delighted if you could join our hosted buyer group at IMEX Frankfurt this year.  We want you to be part of conversation with our global partners around the topic of Developing Legacy Together.  This is our theme for the Global Forum in Madrid this year!  It is also a great opportunity to meet the global community under one roof!

Based in Europe

Based outside of Europe

  • We will start with the Association Focus, educational day for associations, at the Sheraton Airport followed by the association social at the Depot
  • On Tuesday at 10am we will meet on the Madrid stand to hear more about what they are doing to create impact and how we can all contribute
  • At 1700 we will meet on the Dubai stand to explore our recent study which has resulted in an impact pathway.  Then we will take a short walk to dinner where we can continue the journey of developing legacy together!

Why IMEX? – Inspiration, quality and collaboration

Inspiration, quality and collaboration. That’s IMEX in Frankfurt 2020